A Virtual tour of Yellowstone Park in 1897

COVID-19 has most of us staying home or only working in essential industries; a large part of my work is the farm I live on, so I’m doing both. In my “spare time,” I’m going through some of the things stashed away when a family lives in a house for 70 years; among the gems I found when my mother passed away 20 years ago was a red box of photographs with a gold label: “Yellowstone National Park in Water Color. Published by F. Jay Haynes, St. Paul, Minn.”

She loved books, new, used, antique, so I assume she purchased it in a bookstore. Inside the box was handwrotten “1897” so I think they were purchased at Haynes’ store in Yellowstone that year. Haynes was the official photographer for the Northern Pacific Railway and received his first photo concession in Yellowstone in 1884.

Minerva Terrace
Pulpit Terrace
Golden Gate, East Entrance
Golden Gate Canyon
Mammoth Paint Pots
Old Faithful Geyser
The Punch Bowl
Crater of the Oblong
Great Falls of the Yellowstone [River]
Point Lookout & Great Falls
Grand Canyon [of the Yellowstone River], From the Brink
Inspiration Point from Grand View
On the back of the mats.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour in time and space.

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone; Stay Strong!

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