Correction to New Liverpool Salt Works

One of my readers asked me what I knew about the history of the name “Salton,” as in the Salton Sink, Salton Sea, Salton Station on the Southern Pacific Railroad line. I reread my post on the New Liverpool Salt Works and discovered I had made a typographical error; the salt works were incorporated in November 1883, not 1893! I am grateful for the opportunity to correct my error.

If you are interested, the earliest reference I can find regarding the name Salton was an article in the May 11, 1884 edition of the Los Angeles Herald:

All the earlier maps show names for the area such as the “Colorado Desert” (1856); Coahuilla Valley, Cabazon Valley, Frink Dry Lake (late 1870s). By the time of the natural overflow of the Colorado in 1891, Salton was in use.

FYI: Walters became Mecca.

9 thoughts on “Correction to New Liverpool Salt Works

  1. Hi. Really enjoy your posts! (You probably don’t recall I was born in Indio in 1947 and lived there through 7th grade… picked up a lot of arrowheads west of town.)

    I probably missed something, but are you saying that in recent historic times… post white settlement for sure (UN-sure about Spanish explorer times)… the Salton sink was ALWAYS dry?… until the flooding you mentioned??


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    1. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. There had been water in the sink over the eons. The Colorado would cut a new channel, sometimes going north, then it would silt up (or an earthquake changed its course) and it would dry out again. I was trying to say that the name “Salton” to refer to the lake, region &/or townsite wasn’t used until 1883/4.

      I hope this makes it clearer.


  2. The IID general manager testified before Congress last week regarding the Colorado River and Salton Sea. It seems as if all we get is more talk and little action. The issue is not important to politicians who believe the Salton Sea was a mistake and not worth saving.

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