Correction to New Liverpool Salt Works

One of my readers asked me what I knew about the history of the name “Salton,” as in the Salton Sink, Salton Sea, Salton Station on the Southern Pacific Railroad line. I reread my post on the New Liverpool Salt Works and discovered I had made a typographical error; the salt works were incorporated in November 1883, not 1893! I am grateful for the opportunity to correct my error.

If you are interested, the earliest reference I can find regarding the name Salton was an article in the May 11, 1884 edition of the Los Angeles Herald:

All the earlier maps show names for the area such as the “Colorado Desert” (1856); Coahuilla Valley, Cabazon Valley, Frink Dry Lake (late 1870s). By the time of the natural overflow of the Colorado in 1891, Salton was in use.

FYI: Walters became Mecca.

6 thoughts on “Correction to New Liverpool Salt Works

  1. Hi. Really enjoy your posts! (You probably don’t recall I was born in Indio in 1947 and lived there through 7th grade… picked up a lot of arrowheads west of town.)

    I probably missed something, but are you saying that in recent historic times… post white settlement for sure (UN-sure about Spanish explorer times)… the Salton sink was ALWAYS dry?… until the flooding you mentioned??


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    1. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. There had been water in the sink over the eons. The Colorado would cut a new channel, sometimes going north, then it would silt up (or an earthquake changed its course) and it would dry out again. I was trying to say that the name “Salton” to refer to the lake, region &/or townsite wasn’t used until 1883/4.

      I hope this makes it clearer.


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