Felicity is both a treasure trove of history and history in the making.


Created by Jacques-Andre Istel and his lovely wife, Felicia, the Town of Felicity is the Center of the World, and the location of the History of the World in Granite. It’s hard to describe and monumental to see.

Open December 1 – March 30 of each year, 10 miles east of Yuma on Interstate 8 (exit 164), it is well worth a visit; take sunscreen, wear a hat, and prepare for an outing. The guided tour (nominal fee) takes you into the pyramid that houses the plaque locating the Center of the World.

The hand of God points to the Center of the World and to the Church on the Hill (not visible behind the pyramid). Photo by author

Between there and the tiny inter-denominational church on the hill, there are massive red granite plaques engraved with history lessons.

View of Felicity from the Church on the hill

The people who own Felicity are extremely nice and helpful. You can spend as long as you wish, exploring the grounds and the relatively new Court of Honor. Each year they add something new!

Eiffel Tower stairs


  1. I was driving east on Interstate 8 to Yuma when I saw the church on the hill and then a stairway to nowhere! I was intrigued but had no time to stop on that trip. This time I made a special trip to see Felicity & am glad I did! They close the buildings (including the pyramid) for the summer while work is done on more granite panels; the grounds remain open. The museum, gift shop, etc. are open 7 days a week from December – March; I plan to go back in December or January when it is cooler & spend more time.

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  2. A fascinating story about a totally unknown part of the US, to me and to most Brits I should imagine. Thank you for bringing all these wonderful places to life in such an interesting manner (I refer to the posts below all of which I’ve now read).

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